Swapping Christmas Cards across Consensus

In the lead up to Christmas, our services across England, Wales, and even in the Scottish Highlands have been tapping into their creative sides, coming together to make fantastic Christmas cards to share with another service. Looking to spread smiles, joy & even lists of everyone’s favourite Christmas songs (albeit, with some interesting song choices!) the Consensus Christmas Card Swap has been a massive hit.

Having 93+ services and over 2000 colleagues at every end of the country can often mean not everyone knows who one-another is. But that’s changed – connecting both the people we support and colleagues to build new connections, friendships, and even pen pals, the Christmas Card Swap has injected fun & relationships across Consensus.

And it’s not just a simple Christmas Card that’s been exchanged… we’ve seen services posing for group photos, writing personalised hand-written letters to one another, lists of favourite Christmas songs being shared, and plenty of beautiful crafted cards & paintings being proudly displayed on mantlepieces.

We’ve even seen our own Christmas miracle happen, all thanks to the Consensus Christmas Card Swap. Betty at Phoenix House has spent the last 10 years in the comforts of her flat, preferring to stay inside than venture out. However that’s all changed; wanting to be a part of the group photo to be included in their card at Phoenix House, Betty took her first steps outside her flat, all to ensure her beaming smile was included. Even leaving her flat a few times since, it’s a truly amazing moment.

Making Consensus a great place to live and a Great Place to Work™ – we can’t wait for 2024 where we’ll be doing more fun activities, capturing more amazing moments, and bringing one another again to make memories that’ll last forever.

Now, enjoy looking through the fabulous cards that have been created and shared;

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