Make your service

Following the successful launch of our fab new website, it’s now time to make your service page special.

On every page is 3 unique things that makes each service special. It could be highlighting your musical talents, your weekly come dine with me evenings, or your green thumbs in the garden! What we really want is for the personality of the service to shine – for readers to get a sense of the atmosphere and environment when you walk through the door.

Some examples of the types of things we’re looking for below, which were created by the Marketing Team about our own homes.


You'll see what we've been up to on our mega photo wall

Books, Books, Books

Our very own library filled with all our favourite stories

Green Fingers

We've grown tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries and more

Musical Maestros

Whether we're playing the piano, or having a boogie - we LOVE music.

Come Dine With Me

Everyone takes turns in preparing delicious dishes for our Friday night feasts.

Lots of Laughter

Daily belly laughing is compulsory for all.

Furry Friends

Come and meet our adorable rabbit, Peter

Red-Carpet Ready

Getting glammed up to celebrated special occasions

Self-Care Sundays

From pamper days to yoga - we love our relaxing Sundays

What's your USP?

To showcase the real personality and uniqueness of your service, it's time to think about...

- What makes your service stand out from the rest?
- What do you want to be famous for?
- What does everyone love to join in with?
- What do visitors remember most?
- What makes it a great place to live and work?


Find Your Service

Search for your service page using the little search icon in the top right hand corner. (Note: Supported Living Service names are available by expanding the item above.)


Check Your Features

Scroll down to the bottom of your service page where you'll find your three unique features titled 'What makes this service special?' Think about what you want to be famous for, what makes you the best!


Be Inspired

We've included some ideas to inspire you below - giving you a feel for the type and style of things we'd love to see. Be bold, be wild, and be you!


Get Everyone Involved

You can use the print-off sheet to get the people who live and work in your service to put forward their ideas and suggestions for you to choose from. Or simply ask around and submit your selected three features.


Submit Your Features

Email your final three features you'd like to appear on your website page to marketing@consensussupport.com
or include with your website service listing form.