At Consensus, we’re committed to delivering the highest standard of support for the individuals who live in our services, their families, and the people we work with. By actively focusing on the voices of the people we support, they help influence the future quality of our homes.

Our Quality Team are instrumental in driving a clear vision and purpose, and a long-term plan focused on active inclusion strategies that promote the voices of the people we support, the standard of the homes they live in, and the quality of care we deliver. We believe that continuous improvement is best achieved through co-production with colleagues and the people we support so that we can achieve outstanding levels of Quality.

Quality Assurance

At Consensus, our Quality Assurance Framework provide a continuous cycle of audit and observational audits that revolve around the individuals we support, placing a strong emphasis on their safety, quality, diversity and human rights (EDHR).  By leveraging essential quality data indicators, and using technical advances in the social care sector, our response becomes not only agile in response to risk, but also effective collaborative working results across all our services. Through continuously reviewing, analysing, and embedding our key quality assurance tools, we drive a positive learning culture throughout Consensus, shaping outstanding outcomes for the people we support and ensuring innovation is at the heart of our quality improvement.


Every Consensus colleague has a responsibility for Safeguarding. No matter the role, our training ensures the people we support are always safe. With the guidance from our dedicated Safeguarding Manager and robust recruitment checks, we ensure everyone completes up-to-date training in Safeguarding, the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), Oliver McGowan training - alongside more tailored learning for our specialist roles. With our internal & external dedicated whistleblowing helplines, safeguarding is always paramount.

Our Governance

Our corporate governance arrangements and performance indicators are in place to support and monitor the quality of our work, ensuring that our services run efficiently, effectively, and appropriately at all times. Through our Improvement Governance agenda, we review data thematics as well as key lesson learning to ensure we take effective preventive measures, keeping the people we support at the heart of every decision.

Specialist Behaviour Support

Our expert team of Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioners work alongside our Quality Team, our colleagues and the people we support to deliver high quality proactive person-centred strategies that help improve quality of life for people we support. They work closely with colleagues without our services to provide training and education that enables us to provide the high quality care and support that meets the individuals needs.

Quality Checkers

Our Quality Checkers are a vital part of Team Consensus, providing invaluable insight to ensure we consistently deliver the highest quality of care to the people we support. As individuals who live within one of Consensus’ services, they have first-hand experience of what an outstanding service and excellent support should look like, and carry out auditing to ensure the needs and voices of the people we support are at the forefront.

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Regulatory Compliance

Alongside our own quality standards, we are fully regulated to ensure we comply with industry standards, and consistently following best practice and continuous improvement.

Listening to you

We actively encourage feedback from the people we support, families, colleagues, and anyone else to help us maintain and improve our quality. Both praise and areas for improvement are welcomed, to help shape the support we deliver.

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