Quality Checkers

Our Quality Checkers are a vital part of Team Consensus, providing invaluable insight to ensure we consistently deliver the highest quality of care to the people we support.

John Leicester

Lead Quality Checker

Tammy Allwood

Quality Checker

Kelly Bridges

Quality Checker

Quality & Auditing

As Consensus employees, the Quality Checker team are responsible for visiting our services and carrying out audits with the views and voice of the people we support at the forefront. As individuals who live within one of Consensus’ services, they have first hand experience of what an outstanding service and excellent support should look like.

Engagement & Community

Not only is this work essential to ensure we provide the best environments for the people we support, but the team’s input into communications and engagement pieces also ensures that everyone we support has a chance to get involved in fun activities throughout the year, and have their talents and voices seen and heard. From competitions to celebrate special occasions, to campaigns that get people gardening – and the annual Consensus Voices Forum.