Our Values

For everyone at Consensus, our values shape every moment. Focused on enriching lives, creating memories, and providing opportunities to flourish, our values empower us to deliver exceptional support.

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From our exceptional home environments to our inspiring person-centred care – our values are reflective of who we are and what we do, celebrating amazing moments every day.

Choice & Respect: Everybody has the support to make their own choices, and to achieve their goals.

Ambition and Imagination: Amazing things can happen when a dream comes to life, and we always work creatively to make dreams come true.

Reliability and Professionalism: Through specialist training and listening to one another, we create an atmosphere where every single person is respected at Consensus.

Honesty and Integrity: We are always open and transparent in what we do and always try to do our best.

Responsibility and Accountability: Every single colleague has a unique role at Consensus, and contributes towards making a difference in the lives of the people we support.

Inclusive and Supportive: A culture of growth and support runs through every single service & department at Consensus, we always support our colleagues to reach both their professional goals and their personal ones.

Our Amazing Stories

Come and read more about the amazing things happening around Consensus.

Amazing Stories

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