At Consensus, we understand that every person is unique – which is why our referrals process is tailored to every situation, to ensure we meet the needs of each person we hope to support. Working collaboratively, we find the right care for the right person.

The Referrals team can be contacted on 0808 223 5320, or by submitting an enquiry form.


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From initial contact to moving in – we strive to find the ideal home and support network that will provide a safe and nurturing environment, providing opportunities for the people we support to create everlasting memories and achieve great outcomes.

Our Referral Journey

Whilst each referral with Consensus varies, here’s a guide to a typical process:


Get In Touch

Local Authorities, Social Workers and other professionals can submit a referral directly to our dedicated Referrals Team at referrals@consensussupport.com


Exploring Options

We’ll be in touch to find out more information about the individual, their needs and circumstance - sharing more information about our services, and understanding if we may be able to support and explore potential options.


Assessing Needs

A thorough understanding of a persons needs is vital in establishing the right fit, which means we carry out a detailed assessment process that enables us to meet with and understand the individual better.


Finding the Perfect Fit

We take great care in finding the ideal home and environment - and once we’re confident we’ve done that, we will offer a support package that is tailored to the individual’s specific needs in an appropriate service to the funder.


Supported Transition

We understand that transition to a new home can be both an exciting and nervous time. We provide a planned transition period to allow individuals to get to know their new home, the people they will live with and their support team. We aim to help make the move as smooth as possible working with an individual at each step to achieve a meaning transition.


Moving In

We’re excited to help each individual settle into their new home. Our team will be there to support them every step of the way, ensuring they have everything needed to thrive.

Finding out how we can help

Our dedicated team will carry out a thorough and person centred assessment process to identify whether an individuals needs can be met.

This assessment process enables us to identify appropriate services for the person to call home, and create a tailored support package. The team’s valuable input at the assessment stage, including risk assessments and ongoing support, is designed to ensure that each individual we support has the best start to their new home at Consensus.

Preparing for a comfortable move

The transition process is a critical component in ensuring a successful and confident move into our services – and this looks different for everyone. We’ll work to gradually familiarise people with their new environment and provide them with an opportunity to experience life in the service.

From meeting support teams and other residents, to visits or overnight stays – this looks different for everyone, and we take a conscientious approach in tailoring this process accordingly. This personalised transition plan will set the foundations for a great future.

Referrals Team

Submit a Referral

To make a referral, please either complete the form below, or email referrals@consensussupport.com

    The Referrals Team are here to help you whether you’re searching for support for yourself or someone else, and someone will be in touch soon to discuss the support options Consensus may be able to offer you.

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