Introducing Elliott, Consensus' very own Picasso

Meet Elliott – an extremely talented and avid artist whose talent and artwork is proudly displayed in his home, impressing anyone who walks through the door. Since moving into our supported living service for people with learning disabilities and autism 8 years ago, he’s enjoyed making his mark by redecorating and hanging his art for everyone to enjoy.

Creating art since he was a child, Elliott used to draw streets he’d seen, or roundabouts he’d driven on, and was determined to keep practising and improving. At secondary school, he studied art and really found his own unique style – receiving an amazing ‘A’ at the end of his studies.

“Painting is what I do best – it’s always been my strong point” said Elliott, who after experimenting with ready-mixed paints, watercolour and charcoal, discovered oil and acrylic were perfect for his artwork. “I paint anything that takes my fancy. I find something beautiful, and just do it.”

Service Manager Shayne added, “Elliott will often see a building or a flower that he likes when out on a walk and be able to come back and paint it in vivid detail without taking a picture or any notes.”

Art is not just for expression and fun – it’s extremely relaxing too. And Elliott agrees that it makes him feel less stressed, keeps his mind sharp, and helps him focus on other things too. He can often be found with his headphones in, quietly working on his latest masterpiece.

Elliott’s favourite painting was of his grandmother, who passed away three years ago. Helping him get through a difficult time, he loved being able to show this to his grandfather. “Painting can be really personal and beautiful. It can remind you of someone you loved, laughed with and lost – better than a photo can” he added.

His creativity doesn’t stop there – having recently rescued some discarded chandeliers, he’s researched methods to strip them down, clean and repaint them. He’s also learning how to rewire the lights, so that he can truly give them a new lease of life. He’s looking forward to being able to hang these in his room.

So, what’s next? Well, the possibilities are endless with talent like his – but Elliott is currently working on a metre-tall canvas featuring his favourite characters to hang in his home. He loves seeing people enjoy his paintings, and everyone is excited to see this mega masterpiece.

Elliott’s dream is to one day have his own exhibition to share his art far and wide, and we’ll be front of the line on opening night – watch this space!

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