Consensus: The Year of 2023

Throughout 2023, at Consensus we made lots of positive changes to really make an impact on the care we deliver, and the environment we provide for our colleagues. Driven by both big and little ideas, every moment has been focused on enriching lives, creating memories, and providing opportunities to flourish.

From being recognised as a Great Place to Work™ to making steps towards a more sustainable future, our highlights have included…

Being recognised as a Great Place to Work™ and one of the Best Workplaces™ for Women

At Consensus, our colleagues make us a really Great Place to Work®. Spearheading ideas, initiatives, and shaping who we are as a company, we value input from all of our colleagues who shape Consensus into an environment where people can shine, flourish, and belong.

So we’re over the moon to be recognised as not only a Great Place to Work™, but one of the Best Workplaces™ for Women. Whether it’s supporting colleagues to navigate menopause or ensuring equal opportunities for training and career development – we’ll be continuing to find ways to make Consensus an even greater place to flourish.

Celebrating World Menopause Day

For World Menopause Day, we brought together colleagues and some of the people we support together for a day of learning, discussion, and a little bit of fun! With a workforce that is 72% female, we understand that Menopause affects everybody differently, and we need to understand and educate ourselves to make sure that every person going through menopause has the support they need.

Alongside celebrating and educating, throughout the year we’ve worked to introduce Menopause group and 1:1 sessions where colleagues can speak openly, and we can make adjustments to support our female colleagues. Continuing in to 2024, we can’t wait to further educate across Consensus.

Expanding our Mental Health First Aiders

Throughout Consensus, in 2023 we expanded our team of amazing Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders) to 41 people – providing colleagues a safe and confidential space to talk. Ran by Mental Health England, all our MHFAiders have completed training so they can help those in need, supporting throughout our homes and Central Support Office.

Working together, coming together – we’re always working on Wellbeing at Consensus to provide a safe space for our colleagues to flourish & grow. As we run more training sessions in the years to come, we can’t wait to expand our fantastic team of MHFAiders.

Our Steps Towards Sustainability

Taking steps towards Sustainability, 2023 has seen the growth of our Sustainability Champions – welcoming 26 people from across Consensus that are committed to making a difference. From all corners of Consensus, the group includes service managers and team members, operational leaders, representatives from every central support team, and four of the people we support – all finding ways to make changes, one step at a time.

Making sustainability commitments in every department, our IT Department has started the process of recycling IT equipment – aiming to clear space and promote environmentally responsible practices. In our first collection alone, we managed to;

  • Gather 46 assets for collection – recycling 13, reusing 33, and sending NONE to landfill.
  • Save an estimated 13,942.5KG of CO2e from reaching the atmosphere through the need of new equipment being manufactured.
  • Plant 100 trees, offsetting enough CO2e to continuously heat a home for 400 days, or drive 115,000 in a car.

All of that in just ONE collection. The first of many. The first of many commitments to sustainability.

Being Officially Recognised as a Disability Confident Employer

With people at the heart of everything we do, we always strive to create a workplace that isn’t just equal, but equitable too. Working hard to make Consensus accessible for everyone, we’re proud that in 2023 Consensus was officially recognised as a Disability Confident Employer.

Employing people with disabilities in all areas of business, we’ve ensured from our first interaction with candidates that there’s support in place to find the right accommodation for each person; whether that’s flexibility, a different way of communicating, specialist software or just giving more time to complete a task. And in 2024, we’ll be continuing to make a difference – ensuring the workplace welcomes everyone.

Every step, every moment – making Consensus a great place to live, and a Great Place to Work™.

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