The Woodlands

Brierfield, Lancashire

  • Self-Contained Apartments
  • Public Transport Links
  • Shared Garden
  • Private Garden for Ground Floor Flats
  • Positive Behaviour Support

The Woodlands is situated in Brierfield which has a small bustling town centre, in a perfect location centred between Burnley and Nelson/Colne. Made up of 8 brand new purpose built apartments, at the Woodlands the support team pride themselves in working in a totally person centred way, and are passionate and committed to supporting each individual to achieve their goals and aspirations, whatever they may be, big or small.

At The Woodlands we have planned activities including a Breakfast Club and a Supper Club, where each supported person can choose the theme. Movie nights are also a hit with our inhouse projector and homemade healthy snacks, with time for a game afterwards or some arts and crafts too. There is a shared garden space for those BBQ’s and garden games.

Only a 5 minute walk will see you at the bus stop where you can easily access other surrounding areas such as Nelson, Colne, and Burnley. In Burnley there's plenty to do - cinema, a spot of lunch at Nandos, a college for learning new skills, and even a football stadium where you can watch Burnley play! And only a short distance away is the ‘Leisure Box’ - a sports facility where you can play football, badminton and lots of other sporty activities!

Just outside the main entrance are highlighted public walkways, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful countryside on picturesque walks. So whether you are a busy bee, or a tea and TV person, we will be there to support you whatever you need.

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What makes this service special?

Movie Nights

Full of homemade healthy snacks (and sweet treats too!)

Breakfast Club

A staff team who shows they care with every moment

Beautiful Spaces

Beautifully appointed, brand new apartments

We are here

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