The Beehive

Great Baddow, Chelmsford

  • Self-Contained Apartments
  • Public Transport Links
  • Private Garden for 3 Flats
  • Forensic Expertise
  • Positive Behaviour Support

Welcome to 'The Beehive'. A supported living service nestled in the heart of Chelmsford with 8 brand new self-contained flats, all with their own  lounge, kitchen area, bedroom and bathroom. Close to Chelmsford city centre, there's easy public transport services right on our doorstep, perfect for exciting days out exploring the city, and for trying new hobbies and activities. 

Here at the Beehive we offer person centred supported tailored for the individuals that will be living here. Known for our 'Beehive Affect', we are a friendly team always buzzing with energy and smiles - supporting people to live a fulfilled happy life. Whether that's engaging within the local community, signing up to a local college, or expanding circles to meet new friends, we all have the same goal. 

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What makes this service special?

Local to City Centre

Perfect for days out exploring

The Beehive Affect

Contagious smiles and a buzz of energy throughout

Bright & fresh

A beautiful place to make a home

We are here

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Looking for more information?

    The Referrals Team are here to help you whether you’re searching for support for yourself or someone else, and someone will be in touch soon to discuss the support options Consensus may be able to offer you.

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