Pavilion View

Doncaster, South Yorkshire

  • New Build
  • Individual Homes
  • Detached Houses
  • Semi-Detached Houses
  • Bath & Shower
  • Private Gardens
  • Accessible Location
  • Nearby Park
  • Transport Links

A purpose-built new development with 4 detached and 2 semi-detaches houses, Pavilion View is able to support up to 6 adults within their own individual homes.

The homes have been designed to a high specification, each with its own kitchen diner complete with patio doors leading onto a self-contained private garden. On the ground floor, the spacious living area ensures comfort and a place to truly call home. Whilst on the first floor you can feel safe and comfortable within your beautiful bedroom.

Set within the community of Bentley in South Yorkshire, Pavilion View is within walking distance of many local amenities. If you like the city, we’re ideally located just 2 miles from Doncaster City Centre, with great transport links by train or bus. And for those who prefer nature, the service is situated directly opposite a beautiful park with a café and exercise equipment.

Individual homes empower those we support to maximise their independence, with tailored support to ensure people are able to achieve their goals and lead their best lives. From preparing a meal to planning a holiday, we’ll be working together to identify goals to work towards, and take the steps needed to achieve positive outcomes.

Every person we support at Consensus has an individualised package of care that is reflective of their needs. The team will be experienced and trained in supporting people with a PBS approach – with a support team on shift 24/7. We are able to confidently and expertly support individuals with complex needs in an environment that is right for them.

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What makes this service special?

Individual Houses

Everyone supported will have their very own detached or semi-detached house to call home

Tailored Support

Ensuring people are able to achieve their goals, increase independence and lead their best lives

Brand New Homes

A new build development offering top-quality living spaces of the highest specification

We are here

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Looking for more information?

    The Referrals Team are here to help you whether you’re searching for support for yourself or someone else, and someone will be in touch soon to discuss the support options Consensus may be able to offer you.

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