Dyscarr Grange

Langold, Worksop

  • Self-Contained Apartments
  • Private Rooms with Ensuite
  • Public Transport Links
  • Communal Areas
  • Shared Garden
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Makaton/Sign Language

Dyscarr Grange is a newly-outfitted apartment complex nestled in the heart of the village of Langold. There is a quiet, tight-knit community of friendly, kind people in the village, and excellent transport links to Worksop, Doncaster and even further afield to Sheffield and Nottingham, where people we support can shop, do activities that are meaningful to them or even work.

We offer person-centred active support, looking at how we can do things with the people we support rather than for them. We look at how we can teach skills and support people to flourish in their own homes, and how we can engage people to take control over their lives and make their own choices.

We operate positive behavioural support, looking at how we can avoid situations where people can become anxious. By understanding the people we support well, knowing their likes and dislikes and recognising where they need support, we have a proven track-record of reducing the emotional impact of things that people we support find challenging, and this in turn reduces the likelihood of crisis.

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What makes this service special?

Beautiful Apartments

Beautifully appointed, brand new apartments

Friendly Team

A staff team who shows they care with every moment

Little Things

The little things that make all the difference

We are here

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