12 top tips for a very Merry Christmas

Christmas has reached Consensus, and we’re embracing the festive cheer with our “12 Days of Christmas” campaign. Every working day from now until Christmas, our colleagues are in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes worth well over £2000, with all names added to the pot and selected at random. Wonder which lucky name our elves will be choosing today?

Whilst it’s not possible for those outside of #TeamConsensus to take part, fear not. We’ve got 12 festive tips for you, to make your Christmas extra merry. Let the jolliness commence!

1. Deck the Halls with Togetherness
Gather your loved ones and make decorating a shared experience – from baking, crafting, even putting up the tree… The joy is in the collective effort.

2. Enjoy a Hot Chocolate Night
Warm up those chilly evenings with a hot chocolate bar. Set out mugs, marshmallows, and lots of toppings. Let everyone customise their perfect cup of cosiness.

3. Movie Marathon Magic
Create a cosy fort, grab the popcorn, and indulge in a Christmas film marathon whilst politely debating the age-old question – Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

4. Jingle Bell Bake-off
Turn your kitchen into a festive-scented grotto of goodness. Gather family and friends for a bake-off filled with laughter and delicious treats.

5. Give Back, Spread Joy
Remember those less fortunate during the holidays. Whether through volunteering or charitable donations, spread joy beyond your immediate circle.

6. Personalised Gift Exchange
Make gift-giving memorable by adding a personal touch. Handmade gifts or items that reflect shared memories are an amazing way to make this Christmas unforgettable.

7. Capture the Magic with Photos
Create lasting memories with a holiday photoshoot. Don your favourite festive jumpers, grab some props, and capture the joy of the season.

8. Embrace a Tech-Free Hour
Amidst the hustle and bustle, set aside an hour for tech-free time. Try quizzes, board games, or simply enjoy each other’s company without digital distractions.

9. The Secret Ingredient
Add a secret ingredient to your gravy and get your guests guessing. Whether it’s a splash of red wine, a hint of soy sauce, or a spoonful of cranberry sauce – choose an unexpected twist that will have everyone guessing.

10. DIY Ornament Crafting
Gather around for an ornament crafting session. Whether it’s paper snowflakes, salt dough creations, or personalised baubles, let your creativity shine.

11. Storytime by the Fire
Create a cosy corner with blankets and pillows. You could choose a book, share personal stories, or even make up a funny storyline by adding a sentence at a time.

12. Countdown with a Gratitude Jar
Start a gratitude jar. Each day leading up to Christmas, jot down something you’re thankful for and read them aloud on Christmas morning or keep it going into 2024 to enjoy this time next year.

With thanks to our partners who have so kindly donated prizes to our 12 Days of Christmas – making the countdown to Christmas a fab one for our colleagues.

  • ArrangeMy
  • Octopus Networks
  • Mark Farthing
  • Consult Construct
  • WallNDoor Servicing
  • Care Friends
  • Servium
  • E-Fire
  • Leith Group
  • BDO
  • Indeed
  • Oliver Raine
  • Big Red Recruitment
  • Personal Group

Thank you, all. We’re so grateful for your support in bringing some extra festive cheer to the workplace.

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