You Said, We Listened - We're a Great Place to Work

In 2023, Consensus carried out its biggest and best survey to date, gathering feedback from colleagues across the organisation to find out what they loved to ensure we do more of it, and where we maybe weren’t excelling as much as we’d like as an employer, in order drive improvements.

The results from the 1321 colleagues who completed the survey were fantastic to see – with a positive response rate that certified us at a Great Place to Work and a Best Workplace for Women.

  • 84% of colleagues agreed ‘My work has special meaning: this is not “just a job”.’
  • 85% of colleagues agreed ‘When you join the organisation, you are made to feel welcome.’

A year on, we wanted to share a few of the things we’ve implemented through Wellbeing & Recognition as a result of this survey, ensuring Consensus is an employer that continues to be a Great Place to Work.



We discovered that we could be doing more to support our colleagues with financial and emotional wellbeing. So, that’s what we did!

  • Colleagues, and their families, now have access to a virtual private GP through HealthHero.
  • We now have 39 trained Mental Health First Aiders across Consensus.
  • We’re very proud to have been officially accredited as a Disability Confident Employer.
  • We’ve moved our menopause groups to Teams to enable more colleagues to attend.
  • We share monthly resources for important wellbeing initiatives, and better communicate our existing financial wellbeing benefits available to colleagues.



Our colleagues wanted more opportunities for people to receive special recognition – something we wanted ourselves, so this one has been exciting to bring to life.

  • Everyone has access to a recognition portal via an email, with an amazing 1809 e-cards being sent between April 2023 and Jan 2024.
  • Our Area Directors awarded a combined £6,590 of recognition vouchers through the Hapi App from April 2023 to Jan 2024.
  • All of our Managers have received ‘You Are Appreciated’ postcards to distribute to colleagues throughout the year.
  • We’re working hard behind the scenes on new initiatives that will celebrate achievements and special moments of greatness at Consensus.


Colleague feedback is invaluable. It guides our actions and helps us be the best employer for those who work at Consensus. We want to create a workplace that aligns with our team members’ needs, aspirations and values. And our 2024 survey is well underway. We can’t wait to read the feedback and have some fun bringing new initiatives to life.

As our colleagues work day in, day out to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we support, we too want to work tirelessly to make a positive difference to our amazing teams. Thank you to all colleagues for your support and dedication to shaping the future of Consensus and helping us to be a really Great Place to Work.

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