Where Every Moment Matters; The Leadership Conference

Consensus – Where Every Moment Matters. This week we welcomed 130 service managers and department heads to our annual Leadership conference, sponsored by Leith Facilities, for two days filled with learning, laughter and celebration.

Attending workshops, spending time sharing ideas & stories, learning new skills… we witnessed so much energy, passion, and commitment to the people we support in almost every conversation and every interaction.

With this years focus being on ‘Where Every Moment Matters’, our 5 workshops from different departments saw everyone learning about;

  1. Where Inspiring Culture Matters – led by the People Team, we explored how creating a culture of appreciation can have a positive impact on colleague health & happiness, as well as engagement & motivation.
  2. Where Every Pumpkin Matters – where everyone got stuck into deciding what small steps every service can take to create a more sustainable future at Consensus, with some brilliant new initiatives being born.
  3. Where Every Customer Matters – the Referrals Team explored, through creativity and role play, how our actions and interactions affect others and how we can make sure we develop meaningful relationships.
  4. Where Every Interaction Matters – led by the Quality Team (with a surprise visit from Q, our Quality Team mascot), we learned about the power of language, of everyday interactions – being more present and actively engaging with the people we support to make sure their voices are always heard.
  5. Where Responsibility Matters – reminding ourselves about taking accountability as leaders, in detailing, focusing and following up on actions to ensure every moment matters, every day.

In true Consensus style, no event is complete without a little appreciation. So we headed into our Awards Evening, sponsored by Premier Group (Southern) Ltd, celebrating 12 fantastic colleagues and teams who were recognised for going above and beyond, making a real difference here at Consensus. A big congratulations to:

Cheshire House, who won Most Improved Service for making great strides in creating a greater place to live and work. Sponsored by ISL.

46 The Grove and Amanda Farren – joint winners in our Sustainability Leader Award, leading by example with sustainable actions and making impactful changes. Sponsored by Octopus Networks.

Michelle Strydom who won the Wellbeing Champion Award, going above and beyond in ensuring colleagues are happy and healthy. Sponsored by Acute Training Solutions.

Monika Bielskyte, the winner of the Great Innovator Award – always demonstrating innovation in ways of working & caring. Sponsored by Daisy Communications.

Jo Butterworth, winning the Fish Philosopher Award for embodying and actively applying the principles of Fish in the workplace. Sponsored by Leith Facilities.

El Coton-Soares who won our Digital Advocate Award, where they embraced and advocated for our new systems and technology as we commence our digitalisation programme. Sponsored by Realise.

Mitchell Mauldin, winning the Rising Star Award for flourishing in their career and acting as an inspiration for others. What a star, indeed. Sponsored by Compass Recruitment Solutions.

Sophie Adams, the winner of the Best Support Act Award for a Central Support Colleague who really makes Consensus a Great Place to Work. Sponsored by Oliver Raine.

Mandy Race who won our Exceptional Leadership Award, recognising a manager who has made a real and positive difference to their team and colleagues. Sponsored by Premier Group.

Pool Cottage and Rowan House, who won the Outstanding Team Award for truly making sure every moment matters within their services. Sponsored by Total Motion.

Heading into Day 2, and into The Apprentice Boardroom, we enjoyed watching everyone embodying their entrepreneurial side, presenting their commitments from the workshops to Lady Sugar (CEO Paula), Nick (MD Katy), and Karen (MD Emma) on how they would like make Consensus an even better place to work and live – sparking some truly magnificent ideas. We saw ideas on sustainability, making sure our Central Support Colleagues are more accessible, Fish Philosophy, Lukasz in a bunny suit because… well, why not… and how we can bring one another together more often to make meaningful friendships and connections.

The event concluded with what truly matters most. We were honoured to be joined by four individuals from homes across Consensus come and share their experiences, and how they’ve been supported to flourish.

  • John shared his role on being a Quality Checker, and we loved learning about the difference John makes in ensuring quality is always at the forefront throughout all of our services. He also advocated for the positive impact that our new digitalisation programme will have on the people we support.
  • Mani spoke about his journey at Consensus and becoming an Expert by Experience; as a co-trainer for Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training. Speaking from the heart, there were certainly a few tears shed from his remarkable story, and he got the crowd howling with his wit and personality, too.
  • Louise educated us on the Equality Act, and how we can make reasonable adjustments for the people we support. Speaking eloquently throughout, Louise’s powerful words will be remembered by everyone.
  • Debbie shared her journey at Consensus, and all the truly wonderful things she’s achieved since living with us. Seeing her favourite football club, inspiring fundraising activities across Consensus, and sharing the exciting news of her future travels – we loved seeing her fantastic achievements, and she’s sent us away with some homework to suggest ideas for her next fundraiser.

What an amazing, uplifting, inspiring, (slightly tiring), conference – we can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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None of this would be possible without thanks to our wonderful sponsors. Leith Facilities Ltd, Premier Group (Southern) Ltd, Neuven, Daisy Communications, Realise, Oliver Raine Ltd, Octopus Networks, Acute Training Solutions, ISL, Compass Recruitment Solutions, and Total Motion – thank you for supporting us to make every moment matter.

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