Where dreams come true; Will's trip to Manchester United

What’s better than watching your favourite football team score a goal? Seeing it in person, at the stadium, celebrating with all the fans. Which is exactly what Will from Wellingborough Supported Living experienced.

Having dreamt of living amongst the thrill of a football match in person, Will wasn’t sure if it was something that could be achieved due to experiencing anxiety in new environments and busy crowds. But Will didn’t stop that from giving it a go.

Working together with everyone at Wellingborough Supported Living, Will was supported to plan his trip down to a tee. Choosing where he’d like to stay, how the trains would work to get him to Manchester, what package he’d like to experience at the stadium; Will was able to make it the trip of dreams, helping to reduce his anxiety so he could fully relax and enjoy his holiday. Staff also helped Will plan for any uncertainties that might arise and how they could be resolved – delayed trains, rainy weather, what to do in big crowds; every small detail was discussed and planned.

And what a success it was, despite the typical Manchester cold & wet weather! Not only did Will embrace the crowds, the new environment, and the busyness of his trip; Will even got chatting to another football enthusiast at the match (exchanging some critique on Maguire’s defending…). Staying in the hotel that overlooked the stadium, tucking into a delicious 3-course meal, and posing for MANY photo opportunities – it certainly was a trip to remember.

Taking to the whole trip like a duck to water, Will is already fully immersing himself in planning for his next trip – watching Man United play an away game? A trip to the beach? The sky truly is the limit!

And as the reds go marching on, so will Will’s memories; making memories that last forever, where every moment matters.

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