Ty Hendy's Glowing CIW Inspection Report

“Friendly and understanding support workers have developed positive relationships with individuals who live at the service. Person-centred plans are highly individualised and used to effectively guide support workers.”

We’re delighted to share the recent Care Inspectorate Wales inspection report from Ty Hendy – our residential service in Carmarthenshire. Well done to the team at Ty Hendy – this report is testament to everything you do for the people we support, day in day out.

Comments from those working at Ty Hendy included:
  • “It’s really good that I can make suggestions and [personal plans] are frequently updated”
  • “Supervisions are good, but I get great support from the manager and deputy, whenever I need it”.
Comments from those living at Ty Hendy included:
  • “The home is perfect and the best place I have ever lived”.
  • “They are brilliant and support me to be busy with all my different activities”.
Comments from family members included:
  • “This place is first class and it’s been so good for him”.
  • “My family member is genuinely cared about by the staff and carers. They look for activities they can support him in doing and provide a safe and positive environment”.

The full report is available to view via the link below, and as Area Director Lorraine says, “It is an absolute pleasure to read, and some lovely comments about the service, the care provided and the people who provide it. Well done everyone and thank you for everything you do every day.”

In the meantime, here are some of our highlights for you to enjoy:


“People contribute to decisions that affect their lives and are supported to work towards their own individual goals. Support staff respect people, understand their needs and take time to develop relationships with each other.”

“People receive highly personalised care and support. Individuals who live at the service access many different opportunities that enhance their well-being. Support workers encourage people to do the things that matter to them in the service, their local community and beyond.”

Check out the video below, where Kieran shares what he gets up to on a Thursday, volunteering at the local community farm. He demonstrates such confidence, self-belief, and pride in the work he does there – from mucking out the stables to caring for the animals, and even groundwork and other tasks important to the farm.

Care and Support

“People are very happy with the care and support they receive from skilled and passionate staff who understand them, their needs and preferences… We observed many patient, friendly and understanding interactions during the inspection.”

“People, their representatives, support workers and associated professionals are involved in the development of their personal plans… Positive risk assessments help to maintain safety while promoting people to be as independent as possible.”

“People enjoy a variety of pastimes in line with their individual preferences. People do things at the service, such as working in reception, cooking, gaming, planned activities and looking after their pets. People take part in external activities such as enrolling in education, volunteer placements, are members of local community groups and go on holidays.”

Mark has shared some of his many successes with us, which includes a jam-packed schedule of activities, connecting with new friends within community, and developing his financial independence. Click here to read all about it.


“People live in a service that supports them in line with their individual needs. The provider works with people to adapt living areas to help them develop their independence and achieve their own goals.”

“There are three kitchens in the service and staff encourage people to do as much for themselves as possible when cooking. People work with each other and their support workers to plan, shop and cook meals together.”

Leadership and Management

“The manager has highly effective systems in place to ensure documentation is helpful, effective, up to date and celebrates people’s achievements. They are described as accessible and supportive of everyone involved in the service. A person who lives at the service told us, “[Manager] has been brilliant to me, she’s the best, so supportive”. When discussing the manager, support workers told us “She’s brilliant, really supportive” and “She has turned things around and improved things so much, it’s ten times better for the guys” and “I love working with her”.”

In response to the published report, Service Manager Kayleigh shared “I’m very proud of our team, but not at all surprised as everyone here works so hard to support the people living at Ty Hendy. It was a lovely CIW report, and that is all thanks to the hard work everyone puts in day in, day out to make a positive difference.”

Managing Director Katy added, “I am immensely proud of Kayleigh and Team Hendy, their hard work and dedication to getting things right for the people they support, and their families, is evident through every page of their Care Inspectorate Wales report. Well done to you all.”


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Ty Hendy's Glowing CIW Inspection Report

You can read the full inspection report on the CIW website, available in English and Welsh, and find out even more about Ty Hendy’s much deserved fully compliant report.

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