The Perrywood gang fly to Turkey

It was suncream and sunhats at the ready as the guys from Perrywood took to the skies on their latest fun-filled holiday. The house meeting was called, the votes were counted, and the next destination on their bucket list was ticked off – a trip to enjoy the beautiful sights of Antalya, Turkey.

Once in Turkey, the unforgettable experiences got straight underway. City tours offered a glimpse into the vibrant culture, while Turkish baths provided moments of pure relaxation. The folks tried their hand at archery, rifle shooting and boccia, and the adventure seekers like Johanna embraced the thrill of zip-lining over a raging river, leaving everyone in awe of her daring spirit.

In their own words, the residents of Perrywood shared their feelings about this fantastic holiday:

The holiday was superb, and I can’t think of anything better than going with wonderful people who gave me a wonderful super-duper time. – Stephen

Brilliant time. Shows were good. Dining room was good. Everything was good. – Adria

I like the pickled gherkins in the food choices. I liked doing the archery and I hit the target. Playing Boccia on the beach was good. – Ellena

I had a nice time in Turkey, especially doing the zip wire! – Johanna

The excitement doesn’t end here, as Ellena, Johanna, and Adrian have already set their sights on Disneyland Paris in March 2024 – another dream destination awaiting the Perrywood gang’s arrival.

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