The new Gretton PWS breakfast bar

The fabulous people living at Gretton House have always liked to challenge perceptions about what it means to live with PWS – and they’ve done it again! One of the main characteristics of PWS is chronic feelings of hunger and lack of satiety cues – so many people are never given the opportunity to choose their own meals, let alone get creative in the kitchen and help themselves to their own breakfast.

Well that’s all changed at Gretton… With the introduction of a self-serve breakfast and drinks bar, they can pick their own delicious meal and make a brew exactly how they like it. The team have been working with everyone to give them as much choice as possible, and move away from the traditional restrictive practices around food. Instead of limiting what people can do, they focus on education and involvement; teaching people to grow a positive, healthy relationship with food and make their own informed choices.

And what a success it’s been!

Everyone has been positively engaged, acted responsibly and with real understanding, and been excited to rustle up their breakfast in the kitchen and making a brew together at tea breaks. We can’t wait to see what other delicious dishes come out of their kitchen.

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