Sustainability… One Laptop at a Time

Did you know? The manufacturing process to produce one laptop uses enough drinking water for 9 people – for their whole lifetime.

Sorry. Did you say, 9 PEOPLE?! Woah.

With over 2000 colleagues supporting over 600 people in over 90 services across the UK – we have our fair share of technology to hand (manufacturing just 288 laptops would use up the entire company’s drinking water for life). And with such startling statistics, that means that, as an organisation, as a sector, as a generation – we’re having quite the impact on our planet with the devices that adorn our workspaces and our homes.

Well. We wanted to do something about that.

Cue Rhys – our Head of IT, who is hard at work steering the company toward a greener IT infrastructure. Little talk, all action.

Facing challenges of cost, data security, and an inventory which lacked detail, Consensus sought a partner to navigate these complexities. With impressive sustainability credentials and a shared commitment to environmental responsibility, a partnership with Servium was born.

First up. Recycling.

Across almost 100 services in the UK, redundant IT equipment has lay dormant, prompting the need for a sustainable solution – and the process of recycling this equipment was kick-started at the Central Support Office, aiming to clear space and promote environmentally responsible practices.

At Central Support Office, with the support of our partners, we:

  • Gathered 46 assets for collection – recycling 13, reusing 33, and sending NONE to landfill.
  • Saved an estimated 13,942.5KG of CO2e from reaching the atmosphere through the need of new equipment being manufactured.
  • Planted 100 trees, offsetting enough CO2e to continuously heat a home for 400 days, or drive 115,000 in a car.

All of that in just ONE collection. The first of many.

And, in the spirit of our sustainability efforts, the positive impact from all of these smaller collections will soon add up to something so much bigger. We cannot wait to see the results this time next year.

The benefits for Consensus extend beyond mere recycling of equipment and will help us to achieve our goals and add social value through running a more sustainable business overall, emphasising the positive impact of responsible IT management. This collaboration with Servium highlights the power of partnerships in bringing those sustainability ambitions to life.

Making a difference, one laptop at a time.

Servium is a leading IT solutions provider based in the UK, dedicated to creating great IT experiences. Their attitude is that no challenge is too big, no detail too small, helping organisations to find the answers they seek from technology – including Consensus’ IT recycling initiative.

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