Stephen's thirst for life

Meet Stephen. A fantastic cook, a kind volunteer, and an avid explorer, making sure every moment is one to remember. Having moved to Fletton Avenue in 2010 (after living at Gretton House for 6 years), Steven has been growing in confidence, independence, and filling his life with fun, meaningful activities; and plenty of yummy meals too!

Living and growing up with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) has come with it’s challenges, but Stephen hasn’t let that stop him from achieving his dreams. Through education, choice, and support, Stephen has been able to manage his PWS and truly live life to the fullest.

Sharing Stephen’s fantastic achievements, here’s what he loves doing most;

Getting crafty in the kitchen

Historically, for those with PWS access to food and cooking was often limited, with choice and education not being at the forefront of PWS management. But at Fletton Avenue (and our other PWS services), they’ve been introducing cooking activities, meal prepping, having an open kitchen door, crafting their own yummy weekly menu’s, and getting everyone involved in learning about how to have a balanced and varied diet.

And for Stephen, he’s been thriving with his new found love for food. Making a new tasty dish every Tuesday, Stephen is supported to choose his recipe, weigh the food, chop & cut, and get it all whipped up into a delicious meal. With support from staff at Fletton Avenue, Stephen has been supported to not only learn about a healthy diet and meal prepping, but has exceeded himself in creating a healthy relationship with food. A massive achievement for Stephen.

Volunteering Roles

But Stephen’s love for life doesn’t stop at his delicious cooking, keeping himself super busy, Stephen has not 1 but 2 volunteering jobs! Wanting to gain independence, Stephen expressed one of his goals and dreams was to have a job – a place to learn new skills, meet new people, and grow as a person. And with the support of his keyworker, Stephen was supported to find places he’d like to work, enquire about any positions going, and now attends his positions weekly.

At both his positions at SCOPE Charity Shop and Godha Arts Charity Shop, Stephen has the important role of sorting through charity donations, arranging the store, and taking payments through the till. All making a valued difference to wonderful charities. Stephen is also looking to expand his independence even further – catching the bus to his volunteering positions by himself. And with planning, trial runs, and support from staff, Stephen is ready and raring to go to take the next leap.

Planning Holidays

And just when you thought Stephen’s roster was already jam-packed, he’s been fitting in lots of holidays too – exploring new places, making cherished memories. His next big adventure is an amazing 5 day trip to Disneyland Paris. With careful planning and support from his key worker and manager, Stephen has been supported to plan his trip down to the tee. A train from Fletton Avenue to catch the Eurostar, then a taxi drive to Disneyland, every step is planned to ensure a smooth holiday – with more time to focus on the fun things!

A thirst for life and a drive for independence, we’re so proud to see Stephen’s achievements and can’t wait to see what other dreams are round the corner.

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