Stacey’s Back, Alright!

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, but living in the sleepy little village of Gretton, Stacey just couldn’t wait to get down to London to see her favourite boyband of all time, her one desire – the Backstreet Boys – live on stage at the O2 Arena.

And what an experience it was! 32 songs and an encore later, Stacey was larger than life and gave it all she had to give – on her feet dancing and singing the night away.

Everybody had a fantastic time making memories and bringing dreams to life. “Stacey was an absolutely joy. The happiness on her face was a beautiful sight to see” said Team Leader Josie. “She’s now planning her next concert, and we have a sneaky suspicion she’s got her sights set on the ‘cute’ George Ezra. We can’t wait to make it happen.”

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