Say Hello to Tom - Onboarding Manager

His team say he’s one of the funniest people they’ve ever met, but there’s much more to our Recruitment and Onboarding Manager Tom than his fabulous smile and jokes. He fell into recruitment when he was travelling and started out working at a recruitment agency hiring HGV drivers and soon found he loved speaking to all kinds of people and helping them find the job they wanted. Since joining Consensus five years ago, he absolutely loved working somewhere that he could recruit people who would make a real change out in the world – and stop making sales calls too!

Tom and the team are all about finding the right people – they search for candidates that share the passion of our colleagues, who want to make a difference and have a spark of something special that will bring something new to their teams and making sure they have everything they need to get their career with us off to a flying start.

What’s his next goal at work?

“It’s unheard of anywhere in recruitment, but to have absolutely no vacancies because we’ve filled every single one with the absolute perfect candidate – although then they might not need me anymore.”

And outside of work?

“To go on lots of holidays, travel and see the world. So far I’ve visited six out of the seven continents – I just need to tackle Antarctica next!”

His favourite thing about his role?

“That moment a service manager calls to say they don’t need us anymore – they have a full team with skilled, passionate and dedicated people who are going to provide amazing care for the people they support. It’s the best feeling for me and the team.”

And what makes him a great part of Team Consensus?

“I think it’s my mindset – I’m organised and analytical and while I know how important people skills are in recruitment, it’s also really vital to be able to focus on the data and use it to make informed decisions, plan methodically and always stay ahead. My team are fabulously organised too and together we’re strong and on the ball.”

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Say Hello to Tom - Onboarding Manager