Say Hello to Julian - Head of Estates South

Julian joined Team Consensus last year as out Head of Estates for the South of England, spending his time out and about in our services to make sure that our houses are not only safe, legal and compliant but places that people are happy and excited to live in.

He has a passion for making sure houses are homes, turning buildings into a member of a family and treating them with respect. No day is the same: he could be on the road racking up the miles, meeting contractors to brainstorm new ideas, figuring out new ways to make getting property support quicker or installing a new more sustainable boiler to save energy and make Consensus a greener place.

What’s a unique skill he has?

“Aside from still looking thirty-five years old, of course! I’m a rather good motorcyclist and love going fast – once on a private track I managed to reach 186 miles an hour.”

How does he think his colleagues would describe him?

“They’d probably call me a little cheeky, to be honest. But I also hope they’d think I’m helpful – when I first met the Area Directors, they all told me about their frustrations with getting things fixed – one asked me ‘why does it take 4 days to get a plumber sometimes?’ Clearly I picked up on the 4 because now it’ll be 4 hours max.”

And his favourite thing about working at Consensus?

“I love what I do here, and I’m always treated with respect by everyone I meet. There’s a real sense of appreciation and valuing each other. Every single day I get to feel like I’m really making a difference to someone, and my team are the engine that keeps this moving so we can keep on helping and improving peoples homes. In the last 6 months, we’ve completed over 1700 jobs across the country in over a hundred different houses from big renovations to lightbulb changes.”

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