Perrywood House make memories at Disneyland

Where dreams come true, the Perrywood team have just returned from a thrilling (and very exhausting!) 4 day trip to Disneyland Paris. Following the success of last year’s trip to Turkey, the group were dreaming big and wanted their holiday in 2024 to be a magical one. And despite some hiccups with the trains (we all know how they can be!), this years trip was full of memories that’ll last a lifetime.
Landing in Disneyland Paris on day 1 of their 4 day expedition, colleagues Jodie, Linda, and Charlotte accompanied Adrian, Ellie, and Johanna to explore their park, arriving at the perfect time to enjoy the character parade. Mickie Mouse, Donald Duck, Mr Incredible… everyone enjoyed watching all the characters, before spending the evening watching the lights and fireworks shows, which were simply breathtaking.
Spending the second day exploring Walt Disney Studios, there were screams, laughter, and almost a few tears from the array of rides and rollercoasters. Riding through pitch black on the Avengers G Force roller coater to swimming through the serene coral reefs with Dory, every moment was spent enjoying all Disneyland had to offer.
Heading to Paris for their third day, everyone enjoyed a lovely cruise down the River Seine before heading to the scary heights of the Eiffel Tower. Taking in breathtaking views of Paris and not getting too close to the edge, the rain didn’t spoil the enjoyment of experiencing the classic monument. Spending their last day shopping for last minute gifts and ending the day with a big juicy steak and some yummy fudge cake, it was the perfect way to end a spectacular 4 day holiday.
Ellie shared “I went on my first proper roller coaster ride, it was scary I didn’t think I would like it but afterwards I did. I would do it again”.
Adrian shared “The trip to the Eiffel tower was awesome too. And I enjoyed the boat ride. I enjoyed seeing the characters. I had fun with all the staff.”
And Johanna shared “I’m really happy I got to meet the big characters and got photographs and autographs. Memories I will always treasure.”
Dreaming big and making magical memories, Perrywood are always going above and beyond to make dreams, goals, and aspirations into reality. Planning any holiday can be tricky, so we’re so happy to have seen the success of Perrywood in Disneyland. With people at the heart of everything we do, well done to everyone at Perrywood for proving anything is possible.

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