Meet some of our fantastic volunteers

Achievements are unique for everyone and come in all shapes and sizes. For some people it’s being able to pour their own cup of coffee, for others it’s learning to play a sport, and for some, it’s learning a new skill through a volunteering opportunity.

And volunteering isn’t just about giving back to the community; it’s unlocking potential, developing personal growth, and learning new skills that can empower people with learning disabilities to achieve & dream of even bigger goals.

Building confidence, developing social skills, fostering independence, improving mental health and wellbeing… the possibilities are endless.

So, meet some of the fantastic volunteers from across Consensus…


Katie from Gretton House

Recently starting a new volunteering role at a café in the village, Katie has been enjoying feeling a part of her local community. Building independence in her role, Katie has been helping wash dishes, interact with customers, and is now walking by herself to her role – flourishing along the way.

Jo from Perrywood House

Always saying her superpower is being a walking hospital satnav, Jo has been putting her powers to good use – volunteering at her local hospital. Meeting & greeting everyone with a beaming smile, Jo’s communication and interaction skills have been coming on leaps & bounds. Guiding people around the busy hospital, Jo is loving her role and is already looking to progress and introduce more responsibilities into her volunteering position.

Kieran from Ty Hendy

Embracing farm life every Thursday, Kieran visits Swansea Community Farm where he spends the whole day diving into volunteering with other community members, volunteers and the team at the farm. Building friendships with not only the furry friends but other volunteers as well, Kieran has been fostering a real passion for responsibility and independence, and it’s fantastic to see his confidence grow along the way.

Stephen from Fletton Avenue

Stephen volunteers at not 1 but 2 charity shops – taking donations, arranging the store, and taking payments through the till. Stephen is also looking to expand his independence even further – catching the bus to his volunteering positions by himself. And with planning, trial runs, and support from staff, Stephen is ready and raring to go to take the next leap.


Veronica from Frinton House

Volunteering at her local charity every Wednesday for the past 3 years, Veronica has been recognised for her positivity and contributions. Receiving an award for Best Individual Volunteer, the position has helped Veronica build her confidence and happiness as she develops relationships with the other volunteers.


Paul from Beech Court

Volunteering as an ambassador for the New Forest, Paul has been enjoying dedicating his time to keeping the streets of Ashurst and neighbouring areas pristine. One piece of litter at a time, Paul has been learning about responsibility and how his role has a positive impact on others. Growing his confidence, we can’t see what else Paul feels empowered to achieve.


One volunteer at a time, we love seeing people flourish whilst improving the lives of others along the way.

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