Meet our Experts by Experience; teaching Oliver McGowan's story

Our person-centred care is inspired by the people we support, which is why Oliver’s Training is so important to us at Consensus. So we’d like to introduce our Experts by Experience – people that call one of our Consensus services their home, who we employee to deliver Oliver McGowan training to people all across Consensus. Because who better to educate us on Oliver McGowan’s story, than those with lived experiences of learning disabilities and autism – sharing Oliver’s story whilst speaking about their own experiences too.

Empowering the people we support to take centre stage during training to have a platform to speak from their own experiences – their rights, voices, wants & needs, are at the heart of what Oliver’s training is all about.

Achieving 100% compliance across the organisation for Oliver McGowan eLearning – we’ve recruited 17 experts by experience so far from across the UK to train & deliver Tier 2 training to colleagues all across the organisation. That’s 2000 colleagues across both our services and our central support teams that our Experts by Experience will be training and sharing their experiences with – with 8 co-trainers already fully trained.

To help our Experts by Experience prepare for their important roles, they’ve completed 3 days of training where they come together to learn about Oliver’s story, prepare presentations to deliver across Consensus, and answer questions (to which they already know most of the answers!). But it’s more than just learning during these sessions, it’s about sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences, and voicing their opinions on reasonable adjustments, whilst highlighting areas they’d like to see improvements being made.

Because at the end of the day, this is all about the people we support, their wants & needs, their experiences and how we can do better by them.

And these discussions include everything and anything. Including;

Craig shared his thoughts on what reasonable adjustments mean to him ‘Ramps aren’t just for wheelchair users, they’re for people that struggle to walk up & down steps. They help with balance.’

Mani helped people to open up about their experiences of feeling vulnerable & taken advantage off, and how they can share their experiences to educate others.

Tony expressed his top tip that he wants people to understand ‘Know the person you’re working with’.

Ideas & experiences abundant, as we continue to roll out Tier 2 training across Consensus it’s only the start of the journey to educating others in embracing, accepting, and supporting people with Learning Disabilities and Autism – all thanks to our Experts by Experience. Educating Psychologists, Area Directors, Central Support Teams, Managing Directors, CFO’s – EVERYONE is included.

Thank you to our Oliver’s Training team for helping us to make every moment matter.

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