Meet our Award Winners; making Consensus a great place to live and work

Come meet our Award Winners. Who during our annual Leadership Conference, were celebrated and recognised for going above and beyond to make Consensus a great place to live, and a great place to work.

Taking time away from the learning, networking, and sharing that was abundant throughout our 2 day Leadership Conference, we spent an evening reflecting on the accomplishments of the past year, and cheering for some of the people who have made a real difference in ensuring every moment matters at Consensus.

Awarding 12 people, teams, and services with awards, we also celebrated 19 others who were highly commended in the 10 award categories, all nominated by their colleagues across Consensus.

Kicking off the awards ceremony…

The Most Improved Service – sponsored by ISL

The evening was started by celebrating Cheshire House winning the ‘Most Improved Service’ at Consensus – celebrating a service who has made great strides in quality, culture and commercial KPI’s. As a team, they successfully achieving a full turnaround in culture through collaborative working and being bold and brave with decision-making. One resident who has stayed in her flat for some time, is now out and about and enjoying life, and everyone living there has been creating scrapbooks to showcase the fun they’ve been up to.

The Sustainability Leader Award – sponsored by Octopus Networks

Working towards a more sustainable future as individuals and as an organisation, we saw not one, but two people recognised who have taken extraordinary steps to create an environment that is sustainable, and acted as a role model as we expand own sustainable initiatives.

Our first winner was Head of Marketing & Communications, Amanda Farren, who is the brains behind the organisation’s One Step at a Time campaign, providing a way for everyone to engage through small steps that have the collective power to make a difference. Her work has cut down Consensus’ overall environmental impact, and through real change has shown everyone in the care industry how sustainability can be done.

And our second winner was 46 The Grove, a residential service based in West London. Launching a sustainability project called ‘Wash and Squash’, they have engaged both team members and residents alike – by washing out containers to reduce contamination and squashing them so they can fit more in the recycling. Simple, yet genius!

The Wellbeing Champion Award – sponsored by Acute Training Solutions

Ensuring colleagues are happy, healthy and feel safe and supported every day, Michelle Strydom won our ‘Wellbeing Champion Award’. Michelle is someone who puts others at the forefront of her work as a leader, and openly speaks about her own wellbeing and mental health with colleagues across Consensus to encourage others to talk openly and feel accepted.

Also recognised for weaving wellbeing into everything they do, Terri Chamberlain and Lesley Gazeley were also highly commended.

The Great Innovator Award – sponsored by Daisy Communications

Receiving the ‘Great Innovator Award’, Monika Bielskyte was recognised for innovation, creative ways of thinking, and making a significant and positive impact on those around her. Introducing a ‘Kindness Jar’ where the people we support and colleagues can leave kind words & compliments for one another, Monika’s creative way of thinking has helped to spread positivity and ensure everyone feels supported and recognised.

Also highly commended, Kasia Polacik-Solecka and Joann Rutkiewicz were recognised for their creative thinking.

The Fish Philosopher Award – sponsored by Leith Facilities

Truly embodying the principles of Fish Philosophy ‘Choose Your Attitude, Be There, Make Their Day, and Play’ in the workplace, Jo Butterworth received the Fish Philosopher Award. Embracing Fish from the very start of their role as manage, Jo was recognised for showcasing new approaches, team building activities, and integrating new colleagues into their new company as the Woodlands recently opened.

Cara Hoyland, Michelle Christie, and Wendy Pipes & the L&OD Team were also recognised as highly commended for their commitments to introducing the Fish Philosophy.

The Digital Advocate Award – sponsored by Realise

Recognising one of our Central Support Colleagues who has embraced and advocated for new systems and technology, and actively supported colleagues on their journey to new and improved ways of working, the winner of the Digital Advocate Award was El Coton-Soares. Always on hand to answer questions and not only acted as a Digital Advocate but a Digital Hero throughout, El deservedly won the award for her commitment to supporting everyone as Nourish & Radar was launched across Consensus. Always with a laugh & smile on her face, El is truly valued by everyone for everything they do.

Congratulations also goes to David Jones, Elliott Goodwin, and the Quality Team who were also highly commended in their support along the digitalisation journey.

The Best Support Act Award – sponsored by Oliver Raine

Celebrating a Central Support Colleague who consistently supports, commits, and collaboratively works with others to make Consensus a Great Place to Work, Sophie Adams received the award for ‘The Best Support Act’. Someone who is simply a ray of sunshine, Sophie deservedly won the award for always going above and beyond, and her commitment to making every moment matter for the people supported at Consensus.

Also recognised for their hard efforts, we saw Rhys Hughes, Thomas Goodall, Charlotte Halsall, and the Property Team highly commended.

The Rising Star Award – sponsored by Compass Recruitment Solutions

Winning the ‘Rising Star Award’, Mitchell Mauldin was recognised for ambitiously and effortlessly stepping up from a deputy position into his first managerial position, absolutely transforming the environment and team ethos at Harvey Lane. Always facing everything with a positive attitude, Mitchell supports, celebrates, and embraces every person and achievement – and has flourished in his career personally and professionally, ensuring every moment matters.

Alongside Mitchell, we recognised Emmanuel Uwimana, Joanne Butterworth, and Rhys Hughes who received highly commended awards for their journey at Consensus.

The Exceptional Leadership Award – sponsored by Premier Group

Celebrating a manager who has made a real and positive difference to their team and colleagues, the service manager at Deansbrook, Mandy Race, received the ‘Exceptional Leadership Award’. Transforming their service from inadequate to good in a short space of time, their exceptional support, leadership, and morale has helped the people we support and colleagues to flourish.

Terri Chamberlain and Kasia Polacik-Solecka received highly commended certificates for their exceptional leadership as well.

The Outstanding Team Award – Sponsored by Total Motion

Celebrating a service in the North and South who ensure every moment matters within their services, we celebrated 2 teams who work collaboratively to ensure the support they deliver makes a real and meaningful difference.

Winning for the North were Pool Cottage; recognised for their warmth, happiness, laughter, and joy as soon as you walk through the door. Working as a team with such ease and appreciation for one another, it was clear that together they all take pride in making a difference to everyone lives at Pool Cottage.

And winning for the South, was Rowan House. Dedicated and passionate, from spending 5 minutes at Rowan House their happiness at every aspect of their job’s shines through. Introducing their own ‘Have a Cup of PositiviTEA – where the team stop, breath, and share positive thoughts about anything and everything – their values, beliefs, and pride to work together to achieve greatness is always at the forefront.

2 fantastic teams recognised for committing to making every moment matter for the people they support. 


An evening full of laughter, celebrations, and reflecting on outstanding people and stories that embody making every moment matter at Consensus; it’s not only our winners that make Consensus a great place to live and work, it’s every single colleague.

Working together to inspire positive outcomes, celebrate every achievement, and embrace every moment; we are committed to ensuring every moment matters.

None of this would be possible without thanks to our wonderful sponsors. Leith Facilities Ltd, Premier Group (Southern) Ltd, Neuven, Daisy Communications, Realise, Oliver Raine Ltd, Octopus Networks, Acute Training Solutions, ISL, Compass Recruitment Solutions, and Total Motion – thank you for supporting us to make every moment matter.

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