Lizzie’s Top Tips to Veganuary Victory

Almost a million people take part in Veganuary worldwide every New Year – making a huge impact not only on their own health, but reducing animal consumption and carbon emissions and creating a real difference in the world. Lizzie, our resident vegan chef, is celebrating her second Veganuary since moving to a vegan lifestyle and has some top tips for you to get the most out of this month and beyond!


1. Remember Why

This is the most important step to being vegan, or even trying to live a more plant-based, sustainable lifestyle. Lizzie always loved animals and said they were her main motivation for the switch, but also noticed that not eating dairy made her less sick and feel so much healthier. There’s so many health benefits, but also the opportunity to get creative with your food, eat a more sustainable diet and to feel better about yourself.

2. Try Vegetarian First

It’s a big jump going from omnivore to vegan – so try out eating vegetarian and slowly incorporating different changes into your life. This can help you reframe the way you look at veganism as adding things to your life instead of taking things away. Lizzie was vegetarian for quite a while before deciding to go vegan, and it made her think differently about the way she cooks, eats and shops.

3. Look for accidentally vegan food

You’d be surprised that some of your favourite food might already be vegetarian or vegan – plenty of your favourite meals or sweet treats might already be totally plant based. Oreos, pringles and skittles all contain no animal products, and pasta and potatoes always make a staple for a delicious vegan meal.

4. Make a recipe book

Although there’s plenty of convenience foods available now, it’s always great to have a look at what’s out there and discover new ways to cook your go-to recipes and maybe even find your new favourite. There are so many great cookbooks, recipes online or you could even ask your friends what their favourite meal is for inspiration. Having a collection of different meal ideas to go to when you’re stuck will make it so much easier.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Lizzie loves to cook her own food, but says you need to remember that some vegan ingredients act differently so practice makes perfect. Vegan cheeses melt differently, milk alternatives need to put in a cup of tea first or it splits and you can make a great cake without egg as long as you get the consistency right.

6. Get people involved

Everything is always more fun with friends – at the start of her vegan journey Lizzie would bake cakes and treats for everyone to get them excited about her new cooking and it definitely helped keep her motivated. You can get a workplace challenge going, do it with family or friends, or even reach out to other people trying veganuary to support each other and share tips and tricks!


All these steps, towards a sustainable future; one vegan meal at a time.

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