Living his best life in his forever home; David's story

Having moved into his forever home earlier this year, David is now living his best life at The Woodlands. But for David, life hasn’t always been this great. Previously living in a hospital-based setting for over 40 years, David thought his dreams of seeing his favourite football club Burnley were simply just dreams, and would never become a reality. Finding himself spending his days watching TV in bed and not feeling like getting involved in any activities, his life is now completely different. And David is over-joyed to share his new life with everyone.

Finding his forever home

For David, his transition into his forever home was a long time coming – having decided on the move before his new home was even finished being built! But that meant David could get to know everyone before the big move, with the team visiting David to get to know him, learn about his likes & dislikes, his goals & ambitions, and ultimately what his ‘best life’ looks like for him. Armed with this information the team were able, with the input of the hospital staff who had been supporting him, to put together a support plan that would meet his needs, wants and goals – supporting David to flourish in his new life.

The team also got to creating a flat David would love. A big TV to watch all his favourite sports, a homely living area, and painted his flat in his favourite football teams colour, Burnley FC of course. And as an extra surprise, the team put up a HUGE poster depicting the Burnley FC grounds.

And on move-in day, David was simply over the moon, and ready to live life to the fullest.

Living his best life

Now living in his forever home, David has been getting stuck into all life has to offer. With his first mission being to see Burnley FC – which he has done too many times to count! Daily trips to Costa, getting stuck in with Arts & Possibilities week at Consensus, and even going to a car showroom to sit in his favourite car, David is spending every moment making memories.

David has also been getting crafty in the kitchen, something he was unable to do previously. Due to dexterirty problems David was struggling to chop and dice food, so the team got him a Ninja processor and now he’s unstoppable. Making yummy meals, baking delicious cookies, David is absolutely delighted with all the new meals he’s trying out.

David’s goals for the future

Looking into the future, David is already planning so many more memories which he previously thought would only ever be a dream. When asked what he’d like to achieve, David shared “I would like to visit the Lake District, Lake Windemere, as I used to go there with my family. I would like to visit Scarborough, as I went on holiday there when I was younger.” – we cannot wait to see David living his best life, and are excited to see all the things he achieves.

The sheer joy of being able to live in his own flat, the freedom to achieve his goals, and most of all, be able to watch his beloved Burnley Football Club attending matches – David’s mantra really is ‘I’m living my best life’.

We’re so proud of David and the team at The Woodlands for supporting David to be flourishing in his new life, embracing every single day, smiles abudant.

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