Leading through adversity: Our Resilience Training Course

Our Learning & Organisational Development team have been developing the ‘Resilience Programme’ – a new addition to the Leadership Academy at Consensus. Designed to help our service managers build their resilience to better support themselves and their teams to navigate the demands of working in social care – we’re supporting colleagues to ensure they can provide consistent, high-quality care to the people they support.

Being recognised as one of the Best Workplaces for Development™ UK 2024, the training is focused on enhancing resilience in managers so they can foster a positive, stable workplace, that ultimately reduced burnout and improves overall colleague wellbeing. But do you know what resilience is? It’s like a superpower… it’s the ability to stay strong, positive, and adaptable, even when facing difficult situations. Harnacing inner strength, the course is all about helping service managers navigate the ups & downs of their role, and converting any negatives into a positive – bouncing back quickly from what comes their way.

Supporting service managers to thrive in their roles, we want our colleagues to feel valued, heard, and supported to achieve greatness. So far colleagues that have completed the training have rated it 100% ‘Great’ for course enjoyment – making learning fun, interactive, and engaging. And feedback has included;

“I wish all training was this good!”
“The entire day was fun, lively, and enjoyable. I learnt a lot about myself and have been given the tools to improve in areas I lack a little bit of confidence.”

Making learning fun, why not explore what a career at Consensus could look like for you. With every career path looking different, there’s training & development for everyone – no matter what part of the team you’re in.

Being recognised as one of the UK's Best Workplaces for Development™, we're always striving to support our colleagues with their personal and professional development. Find out what a career at Consensus looks like, and find your moment to shine, flourish, and belong.

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