Kevin's Fantastic Achievements

“At the start of 2023 I (Kevin from The Pines) didn’t know how to cook but in 2023 I asked my keyworker if she could teach me how to cook. I started to cook lunch time meals with her, I started with Spaghetti Bolognese, I first learnt how to chop all the vegetables and how to cook them, I then continued to do the vegetables and started to cook the mince. After I got the hang of cook the Bolognese, I learnt how to cook the pasta with support from staff. In May 2023 I now cook on my own with little support from staff (I only need help checking that the meats are cooked properly). I now love cooking whether it is cooking dinners or baking.

This has had a positive impact on my confidence which has also helped me when I am at work as at the moment. I am very proud of myself as I have started to do maths at home with staff and this has helped me at work as I am now being trained on the tills. I also have worked hard and now have my own vegetable patch at work.

At home so far this year I have started to paint the outside furniture – picnic benches, the bench. I am also the head gardener; I pull all the weeds out and keep the paths clean and tidy and make sure all the plants have been watered. I also look after the bin ensuring they are done correctly, for example: making sure all recycling goes in the correct bin. Next I plan to paint the garden fences. I also look after the mini bus; I make sure that the bus is kept clean and tidy and I also do the bus checks once a week with staff to ensure the bus is safe to use.”

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