Keith's journey at Clare House

Keith’s journey at Clare House began back in September 2017, when he made the brave decision to give Clare House a go. After unfortunately spending his whole life moving from foster to residential homes, Keith was desperate to finally find a place that could fully understand and support his needs of having Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), something he’d previously never experienced.

Weighing a life-risking 172kg at the age of 40, Keith was eager to make changes and finally find an environment that could support him to thrive.

Since starting his new life at Clare House, Keith has been on a journey to wellness. Not only injecting fun & exercise into his daily routine, Keith has learnt about healthy relationships with food – working towards losing weight; living life to the fullest.

With the support of colleagues at Clare House, Keith now weighs a remarkable 74.8kg and is in the healthy weight bracket – something Keith and the whole team are very proud of him for. Grasping every opportunity with both hands, Keith is now enjoying every moment & creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.


Keith’s turning point at Clare House

Starting back in 2017, when Keith moved into Clare House it was clear he was eager to not only lose weight but learn how to manage his PWS. Working with staff to express his goals, Keith was educated on how he could achieve a healthy weight, manage a balanced diet, and the importance of creating structure from day-to-day. And putting his best foot forward, Keith got fully stuck into life at Clare House. Despite Keith’s difficulties with exercise, in particular “I found it very difficult to walk up the Doune Road hill to Clare House when I was out for my daily walks” – he didn’t let that stop him.

A big part of Keith’s turning point was the support he received in trying out lots of different hobbies and interests – discovering that daily walks where what Keith truly enjoyed (unlike swimming or the gym, which he gave a good go at!). Walking every day, even during lockdown when so many people were letting exercise fall behind, Keith was undeterred and still stuck to his daily routine with exercise. Alongside the exercise, Keith was also educated on managing a healthy and balanced diet, getting involved with selecting menu options, food prep, and overall developing a healthy relationship with food through choice and education. As a result of the support and focused person-centred planning, Keith has shed an astonishing – and life-changing amount of weight – going from 172kg to 74.8kg.


Enjoying every day, making every moment count

Now grasping every day with both hands, Keith is enjoying not only being fitter, but the difference in his appearance as well, saying “Today I look at myself and the first thing I notice is my shape and how good my face looks. I’m fitter, healthier, more mobile and, although I’m still asthmatic, I have less and less use for my inhaler” – what an outstanding achievement.

His newfound zest for life knows no bounds. An enthusiast of train journeys and history, Keith explores Scotland’s cities, fuelled by his passion for Michael Portillo’s train adventures and a love for historical novels. His dreams expand beyond borders, wishing to someday swim in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

A big fan of Harry Potter, Keith is now getting out and exploring the Scottish highlands more and more – taking a trip to a Harry Potter potion making class and planning a short break to Fort William, where Keith will have the pleasure of riding the Hogwarts Express! Keith has also been supported to develop some wonderful friendships, having a good friend living at one of the other services at Consensus, who he keeps in regular contact with. Attending his birthday party 2 years ago, Keith is certainly thriving at Clare House.


What does Keith think?

“I never thought I could achieve this kind of weight loss. I do occasionally still struggle with my condition, but it certainly helps me to be living with other people with the same challenges as me. The Consensus team at Clare House has helped me to come to terms with having PWS. With their support I now have so much more to look forward to.”

A massive well done to Keith for his dedication to achieving a healthy lifestyle, and his passion for learning and educating himself. You are absolutely fantastic.

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