June's Sustainability Champion;

One step at a time, we’ve been looking in our services, offices, and personal life’s, to see how we can take steps towards a sustainable future. And with so many fantastic green thumbs, compost heaps, and bug hotels being shared, we’ve started to crown a monthly ‘Sustainable Champion’ who goes above and beyond in their sustainability efforts.

Receiving a badge of honour for their hard work and commitment, we’re excited to announce our first Sustainably Champion for June, Darren!

Darren has been undertaking the role of Recycling Champion at his home, making sure the team are keeping themselves green and carefully sorting out the waste to ensure it’s disposed of correctly. Having his own custom hi-vis for his very important role, he’s doing a fantastic job and making a positive difference towards a sustainable future.

Service Manager Dawn shared “He makes us smile every single day as he pops on his hi-vis with his cheeky smile as he tells us off and reminds when it’s recycling time. We’re so proud of him for everything he’s done over the last few years.”

Congratulations to Darren and thank you for making us more sustainable, one piece of recycling at a time.

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