June Moments; ghost busting, shoe shopping, and smiles

It’s been another busy month across Consensus, making memories every day. From Parvale House heading off to do some ghost hunting, to Tara seeing her favourite pop group live, enjoy reading about all the special moments that have happened in June.

Gretton House

For Tara at Gretton House she certainly had the best June EVER! Being a massive fan of ‘The Dolly Popz’, the team at Gretton saw an opportunity to make her dreams come true and booked tickets for Tara to see them live at the Corby Cube theatre. Meeting the three pop culture princesses, Tara was singing & dancing her heart out – living her best life. Tara was even invited up on stage to show off her moves, and got a beautiful sparkly wand from the group. What a night to remember!

Belstead Mews

At Belstead Mews it was time for some celebrations, as not one, but two colleagues celebrated their 5 year anniversary at Consensus. A big well done to Chris and Kira – thank you for making every moment matter for the people we support.

Parvale House

Spending their June a little differently, (a somewhat terrified!) Stace & Summer accompanied Lisa, Fiona and Alice to a day of ghost hunting… yep you heard that right, they went hunting for ghosts… for FUN! Heading to the beautiful Delapre Abbey in Northampton, famously known to have housed nuns & soldiers, the group went hunting for ghoulish creatures. And whilst they didn’t see any ghosts, there plenty of tables moving, bumps in the nights, and more than a few screams let out.

What an adventure and experience – the ladies are already planning their next ghost hunting adventure. They’re all certainly braver than us!

Frinton House

Getting stuck into his creative side, W (who usually avoids anything arty!) decoded he wanted to try something new and give some arts & crafts his best shot. And well, what a natural W was! Creative some beautiful flowers, it’s safe to say W is a born creative.

Strawberry Fields

For one of the gentleman at Strawberry Fields, his June was spent doing his favourite thing – shoe shopping! Always looking for a new pair of trendy sneakers to add to his fantastic collection, he was supported to purchase the shoes independently, and had a massive smile on his face thanks to his new achievement. Way to go!


At Bannigans, Sally was very pleased to welcome CEO Paula into her home, challenging her to a game of pool. It was game faces on and cues at the ready. And whilst it was a close match, Sally stole the win. We think Paula is going to have to visit again soon for a re-match!

Kingston House

And at Kingston House, it’s been another jam-packed month! Starting the month off with some special birthday celebrations for Susan. Planning a BBQ with all her friends at Kingston House, everyone partied the day away with some yummy food.

Everyone also came together to celebrates Mens Mental Health Day – with the theme being ‘Wear it blue’. Getting suited and booted in blue tops, cardigans, dresses, and even shoes, coming together Kington House recognised an important day together. And it wouldn’t have been complete without some of their famous baked goods – baking some yummy muffins for all to enjoy, and of course, using blue icing and sprinkles to finish it off.

Another month full of celebrations & embracing all life has to offer, smile at all the heart warming photos below.

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