Jo's new hospital volunteering role

The Hospital Sat-Nav is ready to go!

Jo from Perrywood always says that her superpower is being a walking hospital satnav, so she decided to use those powers for good with her new volunteer role at the local hospital.

She loves helping people and putting her knowledge to good use, so when a friend mentioned the hospital was looking for volunteers, Jo immediately put herself forward for an interview and headed off to the hospital to see where she’d be a good fit. With her expertise, being a greeter seemed like the perfect place to start to get to know her new workplace even better – even if it does mean walking down some very long, spooky hallways to make sure people get to where they need to be.

Jo is loving her job, and is enjoying the added activity as well as the possibility of moving up in her role soon – and she’s passed all her training courses with flying colours so we definitely think this is the start of something brilliant. Well done Jo!

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