Introducing Mitchell: Our Rising Star

Our annual leadership awards are a celebration of the people who truly make every moment and lead Consensus with compassion, care and innovation. This year, one of those people was Mitchell winner of the Rising Star award which recognised a manager who had truly made a commitment to growth and progress.

One of their nominations said, “I don’t think that anyone can doubt the positive change that has taken place and that he has fitted straight into his new role, having recently stepped up from Deputy to Service Manager. Mitchell encourages all members of the team to support and celebrate each other.”

Mitchell had no intention of working in social care, and actually trained as a mechanic but after his mum recommended him to try Support Work he fell in love with the role – in being able to really help people and make a different to someone’s day. Within a few years, he’d become a Deputy Manager and then had the opportunity to cover as an acting manager for a few months and wasn’t sure if he could do it. But when the chance came to move to a new service that had been struggling, he got to work getting to know the team, showing consistency and support and by leading from the floor showing he was a part of the team, not just a manager. Something worked because everything changed, the service improved drastically, the team are happier and Mitchell is now a fully registered manager and thriving – all at the age of 24.

What was the biggest challenge he faced?

“Honestly I’m my own worst enemy sometimes – I definitely get imposter syndrome and worry people will think less of me because I’m only 24. I remember when I first met our CEO Paula and I was so quiet and shy, but the next time we met she told me I was totally different now and I’d changed from a silent, nervous person into someone confident. I was so happy to be recognised and know that somehow I’d made an impact so people remembered me.”

And the best advice he’s been given about progression?

“My Area Director Lee was always a big supporter of me growing and learning. He pulled me aside one day and told me two really important things about learning how to be a manager. First, you can be professional but still treat a place like home, care for it like it’s your home and family and that’s what makes it work. And secondly, appreciation is everything, it’s easy to get complacent and know your team are good, but the second you take it for granted you’ve got problems.”

His favourite thing being a part of Team Consensus?

“Nobody cares how old you are or what your background is; there’s a genuinely supportive team of people who always have your back and want you to be better. We share successes so everyone genuinely wants to see each other do well.”

And what’s the most important thing about growing as a manager?

“It’s recognising there’s a difference between a manager and a leader. Anyone can be a manager, but when it comes to figuring out how to lead a team you need to do it from within, not above. Recognise you’re just one part of the team and that you were a support worker once so you know how important it is.”

Thank you to Compass Recruitment Solutions for sponsoring this award and sharing their commitment to make every moment matter. You can find out more about them by visiting their website.

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