Introducing Mandy: An Exceptional Leader

Our annual leadership awards are a celebration of the people who truly make every moment and lead Consensus with compassion, care and innovation. This year, one of those people was Mandy, winner of the Exceptional Leadership award which recognised a manager whose team believes they show true leadership, compassion and kindness.

One of her nominations said, “She has come into Deansbrook and turned everything around in such a short space of time. The team as a whole have all responded really positively to Mandy coming in and the improvement that we have seen in morale is nothing short of incredible. I look forward to the coming months and seeing what we are able to achieve as a team at Deansbrook moving forward to continue supporting people in such fantastic ways.”

Mandy has been with Consensus for over ten years, deciding to join the team after talking to some former colleagues who’d started working here. They told her that there was plenty of opportunities, autonomy and freedom to be your best so she took the leap and applied, getting her first registered manager post after years in community management. Within two years, she was managing two services successfully and was ready to take on a new challenge. So when she was asked to temporarily take over a service that had been struggling, she saw potential instead of problems. She found a team that had amazing energy, who cared and wanted to do their best – but just needed some help, someone to lead their team into going from good to great.

What does good leadership look like to her?

“I think being a leader is all about being approachable and available. It’s about being able to do your job, see the bigger picture and plan ahead but still making the time to work alongside your team instead of being locked in an office. It’s balancing being able to make any tough choices and get on with your own responsibilities with being supportive and open to people when they need you.”

And her proudest moment so far?

“When I got to Deansbrook, morale wasn’t the best in the team and people felt like they were just going about the motions without the time or direction to make meaningful change. But after six months, our internal audit from the Quality Checkers went from ‘needs improvement’ to ‘good’ and I remember just screaming and dancing around the office with my deputies. After this, my team asked me to stay on permanently and I was so honoured they wanted me to stay with them so I did.”

Her favourite thing about working at Consensus?

“Everyone here has a vision of creating truly amazing places to live for the people we support and changing lives. And because of that, the support we receive is unparalleled, leadership really want every single member of the team to thrive and succeed and help us to do so.”

What does she think is the key to getting a team to trust you as a leader?

“It all comes down to just being human; you can learn how to do the job, different ways to organise your team and new techniques but you can’t teach how to be a nice person. Make your team feel valued and appreciated, recognise their strengths and find where they could improve with kindness and suggestions. If you create a culture of openness, things will fall into place.”

Thank you to Premier Group for sponsoring this award and sharing their commitment to make every moment matter. You can find out more about them by visiting their website.

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