Introducing El: Our Digital Advocate

Our annual leadership awards are a celebration of the people who truly make every moment and lead Consensus with compassion, care and innovation. This year, one of those people was El, winner of the Digital Advocate award which recognised a colleague who championed the digitalisation of our services and supported everyone to embrace the changes in the industry.

One of their nominations said, “El has been pivotal in managing our new launches – gone above and beyond and always there to help with a laugh and smile. They made the tedious and monotonous fun, always on the end of the phone and just made it their business to make sure everyone had the support they need.”

El joined Consensus because the values of the organisation felt right; they weren’t sure what they wanted to do but knew it had to be in a place that cared for people and made a difference. Starting as a Regional Executive Assistant and now the PA to our managing directors, El keeps our senior leaders organised so they can do their jobs and keeps us on track, focused as well as getting involved with projects from teams across the country.

Why does El think digitisation is an important change in social care?

“Everyone, no matter if you’re in an office  or in a service, should care about making social care better. Digitalising is bringing social care into modern times, it will make sure we’re not left behind and stop us from becoming outdated. It also removes the risk of human error, makes peoples jobs easier and makes reporting so much more accurate. It will make everything safer, easier and quicker.”

What’s their best advice for supporting colleagues who might struggle with technology?

“There has to be a degree of patience and understanding; you need to remember you didn’t know how to do this once and had to be taught so keep that in mind. Be gentle, make it simple and do it step by step, don’t assume people will know things and skip ahead. Learn how people like to learn. And it never hurts to add a little fun and silliness to anything you’re doing – a little pizazz makes everything more engaging and people will want to join in.”

And what makes a real team player?

“I was going to say my best advice is to get a cat, show people your cat and tell them they can be friends with your cat and almost changed it to something a little more serious. But that’s actually good advice, it’s about connection and making people happy to be around you so it’s actually a good idea. It’s all about knowing your team, be patient and understanding of peoples weaknesses and celebrate their strengths. Be clear in what you know and don’t so you can offer support and get support when you need it. And above all, take time to appreciate people around you.”

Thank you to Realise Training for sponsoring the Digital Advocate Award and showing their commitment to making every moment matter. You can find out more about them on their website.

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