February Moments; Valentines, Chinese New Year & Pizza Making

The second month of 2024 has whizzed by – full of special memories, wonderful moments, and plenty of smiles & laughter. Celebrating Valentines Day, Chinese New Years, and even National Pizza Day – here’s some of the amazing moments that have happened across Consensus in February.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

On the 17th February our services across Consensus got involved in Random Acts of Kindness day; a chance to share appreciation for one-another, and spread smiles and positivity. A little bit of appreciation and saying thank you goes a long way, so here’s what everyone got up to;

  • At Fieldbrook, Debbie decided she wanted to spread kindness by buying the lovely lady at her a local church coffee morning a HUGE packet of biscuits so she could have a treat with a cuppa. What a thoughtful thing to do, with the added bonus of some yummy treats.
  • For the guys at Gretton, they had a lovely day full of smiles and thank you’s. Not only did the entire team at Gretton receive a card, bar of chocolate (YUM!), and a keyring showing their appreciation, but the people living at Gretton also received a little packet of love heart sweets to say thank you for just being them.
  • At The Pines. appreciation postcards were given to every single member of the team – all with personal hand written notes celebrating the difference they make every day.
  • And for Rowan House, the team gathered together to celebrate and thank one another for their hard work, dedication and kindness. Each member of the team went home with a bunch of flowers, box of chocolates, and thank you card, but most importantly, with love & pride in their hearts.

Pizza Day

It’s not just the big days we celebrate across Consensus, but also the quirky and fun ones! And with that. National Pizza Day on 9th February was a massive hit with some delicious pizza’s being made (and demolished), even if they did have some controversial toppings on… pineapple on pizza?!

  • At Kingston House, everyone got involved making their own pizzas from scratch – and what a fantastic job everyone did. Next stop, the Kingston House Pizza Shop!
  • Tucking into some yummy pizzas, everyone at King Edward Grove enjoyed their evening with plenty of different pizzas – pepperoni? Peppers? Triple cheese? You name it, they had it!
  • And at Perrywood, they celebrated their day a little differently. We’ve all heard of pin the tail on the donkey, but what about pin the pepperoni on the pizza? Taking the win, Lizzy pinned the pepperoni perfectly on the pizza.

Valentines Day

On the 14th of February, love was in the air as Valentines Day was celebrated across Consensus.

  • Making the most perfect cupcakes, Kingston House showed off their impressive baking skills making lovey-dovey cupcakes for all to enjoy.
  • And at The Heathers, the house was trimmed from head to toe in all things hearts. Table clothes, bunting, napkins… if it had a heart on it, it was going up!

Chinese New Year

For Chinese New Years on 10th February, lots of our services welcomed the New Year in style. Tapping into their creative sides, we saw some AMAZING handmade decorations displayed and lots of partying happening.

  • At Pool Cottage, everyone got involved in creating dragon decorations. There was plenty of laughs and smiles coming from the craft table – from both colleagues and the people we support.
  • Coming together, services joined King Edwards Grove for a day of celebrating and tucking into plenty of yummy Chinese food. Spending time together, everyone enjoyed making special memories and celebrating with one another.

Where every moment matters, we’ve loved seeing all the smiles, achievements, and moments in February across Consensus.

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