Elliott's Sustainable Steps... One Acorn at a Time

Elliott from Ipswich North Supported Living has always had a magic touch when it comes to gardening – growing, cultivating, harvesting… you name it, Elliott can do it. Growing up surrounded by greenery and an extensive array of thriving housing plants, Elliott decided last summer to put his skills to the test. Setting a very ambitious mission of not only collecting, but cultivating 100 acorns from a sturdy oak tree in the local area of Christchurch Park.

And over the summer months, he achieved just that. Carefully picking healthy acorns and wrapping them in moist tissue paper to initiate germination, Elliott has now seen 100 acorns grow white roots and flourish into saplings – ready to be planted and make a positive impact towards a sustainable future. But with 100 acorn tree’s ready to go, the garden at Elliott’s is just a tad too small for all those fantastic trees, so, Elliott has generously been donating his saplings to various organisations in the local area.

Catherine, a representative for the local Woodbridge Town Council & Mayor gratefully some accepted some saplings, expressing “Elliot’s trees are stunning, a testament to the meticulous care he has given them, we’re confident that they will be cherished additions to the green spaces surrounding Woodbridge.”

But Elliott’s efforts aren’t stopping here as plans are in place for his next venture – gathering sees from two elusive and disease-resistant elm trees, in the hopes to nurture and cultivate an entire crop of saplings with high resilience against Dutch Elm disease. What can’t Elliott do?!

Supporting Elliott to achieve his dreams and really make a difference towards a sustainable future across Consensus and Woodbridge, a big thank you goes to Elliott & his Key Worker Adam for really making a difference. Making every moment now, and in the future, matter.

Elliott – you are simply wonderful.

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