Consensus Pride Network on Allyship at Work

Our Pride Network make sure that Pride isn’t just one month of the year and that we take more action that simply changing our profile picture for a rainbow version – they are working all year to educate our teams, advocate for equality and celebrate our LGBTQ+ colleagues.

This Pride Month, our Pride coordinator Bee will be leading a series of workshops all about Active Allyship and how we can all be better allies in our workplaces and working with the network to create resources and guidance for everyone to ensure Allyship at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

One of the key learning points from the training this month is that there are so many ways to be an ally and it’s easy to start your commitment to advocating change, so here’s some advice from our network:

“The simplest way to be an Ally is to respect people whether you understand them or not. Accept you may not agree or understand why someone lives the way they do, and realise your understanding doesn’t invalidate them. Take a stand, use your voice to make noise about injustice and mistreatment, call out homophobia when you see it – but remember to speak up for us, not speak over us.  Make it matter, even if it doesn’t affect you, because someone you love could be a part of the LGBTQ+ community one day and then you’ll wish you’d acted sooner.”  – Bee

“The best piece of advice I can give is to remember that we all have a responsibility to educate ourselves about the struggles of others and the role we can play in created inclusive cultures. It isn’t the sole responsibility of those of us struggling to take action, so the best way to show your allyship is to amplify our voices and champion our rights. Respect how people want to be seen, and make an effort to be inclusive in your language and actions.” – El

“Come to terms with the fact that your understanding only reflects on you – It’s your job to unlearn any unconscious biases you’re holding onto. And make a real effort to break out of the assumptions that everyone is straight and cisgender – practice using neutral language until you’re told otherwise instead of defaulting to what you perceive as the norm.” – Charlotte-Emily

We’re very proud to be named a Great Place to Work, and our Pride Network helps us continue to make sure our LGBTQ+ colleagues have a safe, happy workplace and every opportunity to succeed. Thinking about joining team consensus? You can search for vacancies here:

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