Embracing life...
Chandler's new home

Moving and transitioning into a new home can be stressful for anyone, however Chandler the latest resident at our Kettering Supported Living service has had a smile on his face throughout. With the support of his family and his new support workers, Chandler has been settling into his daily routine, filled with plenty of laughter and fun activities!

Chandler made the big move at the start of 2023, after a transition period where his new support workers took time to learn his routine, likes and dislikes, and what things make Chandler comfortable in his environment, all with the help from his mother Debbie. This gave staff a well-informed insight into Chandler’s daily life and as a team were able to ask Chandler’s family questions, no matter how small the topic, to build a good understanding of Chandler’s needs.

Since Chandler’s move, he’s been embracing every moment at Consensus. From visits to Hamerton Zoo Park, to going bowling in Wellingborough, his great sense of humour & contagious laugh has  shone throughout. Chandler also has a love for the outdoors, having been on plenty of walks to enjoy the fresh air and to get to know his new surroundings.

Well done to Chandler for having a smile on his face throughout! We can’t wait to see all the inspirational moments to come.

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