Celebrating 20 years: Keri's best moments

Introducing Keri , who is celebrating an amazing 20 years with us! For the last two decades, Keri has been a much loved member of Team Consensus, and we’ve loved watching everything she’s achieved as the manager of our day service, Tandridge Hill Farm. she not only makes sure the people we support there are looked after and have a great time, but also manages an entire working farm full of animals.

With every day being so different, it’s hard to pick out her favourite moments over the years, but Keri says, “There have been many highlights over the years for me but a few stand out moments include seeing a person who was once scared of any animal bigger than a rabbit getting on a horse for the first time and absolutely beaming as they rode around the local riding school’s arena.”

Tandridge Hill Farm has also become a registered ASDAN centre, giving people that attend the opportunity to take recognised programmes and qualifications.  This was a great accomplishment for everyone involved and has given people the chance to do things they’ve never done before. Keri says, “It is truly joyous seeing someone achieve something they have never been able to do before. This could be something that seems simple – such as independently filling and emptying a wheelbarrow; but for them it was a difficult challenge which they managed to overcome. It’s also hugely rewarding building trust and communication with the people here who might have struggled with that in the past.”

Seeing the achievements of those who attend the centre is something that fills Keri and her team with real pride. “It is hugely rewarding to work with people who face so many challenges in their day to day lives striving to reach their full potential. The people we support never fail to inspire me to keep pushing for bigger and better – not only for each amazing individual that we support, but for the farm as a whole and the incredible staff team that work here.”

Of course, over the years Keri hasn’t just worked with the people who come to the farm, but made a lot of furry friends too! “Another aspect of the farm that I am incredibly proud of is the livestock kept and bred on the farm. Having been here so long, I have generations of livestock that I have raised over the years and have therefore been able to ensure only the animals with the best temperaments are here for the people we support to work with.  They in turn provide the absolute best care for the animals and everyone who visits can see the relationships between them.”

But what’s the key to a successful social care career? “I believe the key to really enjoying working in this sector is  spending time getting to know each individual, building a rapport (this can take many months or even years!) and then working with them to achieve their goals… and then setting new ones! There’s nothing quite like it!”

Thank you and congratulations on your 20 year #TeamConsensus anniversary!

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