Ambitions achieved on Joshua's Delivery Day

Meet Joshua, who lives at King Edwards Grove in Teddington. Eager to try his hand at delivery work, volunteering with a delivery company in the run up to Christmas proved more challenging than the team had expected, and they were unable to find anyone able to bring Joshua’s ambitions to life. Undeterred, Service Manager Cara, reached out to Consensus’ central support team to offer Joshua’s assistance to anyone who may need it.

The Marketing and Communications team identified the perfect opportunity to distribute communication boxes to Consensus services, complete with posters, news, treats, and information about Consensus’ latest initiatives – needed right in time for Christmas!

Donned in his custom hi-vis, complete with his very own company lanyard (which he loved showing off!), Joshua took on the role of Director of Deliveries and, quite frankly, absolutely smashed it! Covering all Consensus services within the M25, Joshua not only followed his delivery sheet to a tee to ensure that all London deliveries were completed, but he proudly became the friendly face of ‘Head Office’ and enjoyed meeting lots of new people throughout the day.

Beyond realising his dream of becoming a delivery man for the day, his work also benefited:

  • Three of our Area Directors by delivering these packages direct to their services
  • The Marketing and Communications team in getting messages delivered; and
  • Our London-based colleagues who received these packages.

And of course, for Joshua, too. His pride and sense of accomplishment in being given the opportunity to achieve his delivery-driving dream has made a real difference to Joshua’s confidence and self-esteem – and the whole of #TeamConsensus are truly proud of him.

“When I handed everything over to Joshua, his face when he saw the job title printed on his lanyard was priceless – pure excitement. He was so proud, and so am I! He committed to this job and delivered.”, said Area Director Marisa. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to help make dreams come true – and this was one of them.”

Showing kindness, commitment, and a desire to spread joy – Joshua really embodied everything that makes Consensus great. This is a place where the people who live and work here not only realise their aspirations but also contribute meaningfully to others’ lives.

Thank you, Joshua. You are great!

At Consensus, we take pride in providing person-centred care tailored to each individual’s needs, goals, and aspirations. Joshua’s delivery adventure is a prime example of how we turn dreams into reality and create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

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